IAC 2012 Trashion Show: Couture Garbáge–IUP Art Students Still Hard At Work

IUP’S 3D Design class, taught by Steven Loar, is still working hard on their plastics sculpture for the IAC 2012 Trashion Show: Couture Garbáge!  These images of their large, scenic coral reef piece–a project that Steve Loar has been gradually building and expanding upon each semester over the course of the last 5 years–give you just a glimpse of the kind of intricacy and creativity that has only been achieved through the work of Steve and his past and current students.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep visiting the Indiana Arts Council blog at www.indianaartscouncil.org/blog to find out more information on the IAC 2012 Trashion Show and to stay updated about the incredible contributions being made by the IUP Fashion Association and the 3D Design Class of Steven Loar.

To learn more about the IUP Art Department and some of Steven Loar’s previous projects using post-consumer plastic, please visit www.iup.edu/art.


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