So…What is Trashion?

The 2012 IAC Trashion Show: Couture Garbáge is less than two weeks away, and final arrangements are being made by all involved groups and individuals to make this unique fundraising event possible.  With March 30th fast approaching, we would like to take some time to reflect on what Trashion is about, and acknowledge the contributions of those who have put their time and energy into planning, designing, and recruiting for this exciting occasion for the last few months.

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What Is Trashion?

2012 IAC Trashion Show: Couture Garbáge

The 2012 IAC Trashion Show: Couture Garbáge (also known as Trashion) is a fundraising event created with the purpose of generating support for the Indiana Arts Council, recruiting volunteers, and promoting the creative and innovative artwork of local artists.  The event will feature raffles, delicious appetizers, and an incredible fashion show featuring original clothing designs and three-dimensional artwork unlike anything seen before.  The money raised at this year’s fundraiser will help finance current and future IAC programs, such as the Youth Arts Celebration in May,  The Open Mic, and the county-wide Arts and Economic Survey IV.  As a result of this fundraiser, the IAC will be better equipped to continue promoting the creation and appreciation of the arts in Indiana County.

RUMPUS: Repurposing Used Material for People to Use for StuffAlthough Trashion will benefit many of the IAC’s future endeavors to support the arts, there is one project in particular that we wish to bring to attention at this year’s Trashion Show.  RUMPUS, or Repurposing Used Materials for People to Use for Stuff, is a developing IAC project that is the impetus for the Trashion fundraiser.  The goal of RUMPUS is to open an art supply store where salvaged art materials can be made available for the public to purchase at affordable prices.  In the same way that the 2012 IAC Trashion Show will demonstrate how trash can be transformed into fashion and art, RUMPUS will also emphasize the creative potential of used and unusual materials by presenting them for re-sale and re-purposing at low costs. Although RUMPUS is still a work in progress, the IAC believes that the store will offer a valuable and affordable resource for artists, students, teachers, and families throughout Indiana County.

Who’s Involved So Far?

A close-up of a dress designed by Kara Marie Roffis, member of the IUP Fashion Association and an IUP student.

Trashion aims to benefit the IAC, however organizing and planning the event would not have been possible without the assistance of volunteers from the local community and the students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  In particular, the IUP Fashion Association and the 3D Design Class at IUP have played an integral part in making Trashion possible this year by providing designers, models, scenic decorations, and fashion pieces to feature on the runway at this year’s fashion show.

Between courses, work, and other obligations, IUP Fashion Association students have been working hard since Fall to conceive of, design, and construct unique items of clothing using only post consumer waste products. The designers who registered to participate in this year’s Trashion show have made use of a wide range of materials, such as soda cans, tissue paper, plastic bags, magazines, and even packaging for fast food.

The Fashion Association has even done some creative marketing of their own on IUP campus by making posters out of recycled magazine clippings and cardboard.  Members of the Fashion Association say they want to get as many people on campus and in the community to help support the Indiana Arts Council as possible, and are still encouraging interested students to register as models or designers.

“I think it’s a really cool event,” said Felicia, a member of the IUP Fashion Association and an undergraduate student at IUP, during an interview in February.  “It hasn’t been done before.  We get to express our creativity and use unlikely materials to make something fabulous.  We haven’t done anything like this before, but it’s been fun constructing an outfit.”

Other members of the Fashion Association are looking forward to the event as well, excited at the opportunity to use their skills in such an unusual and unexpected ways.

Part of a plastic coral reef sculpture designed and constructed by the IUP students of Steven Loar's Three Dimensional Design course.

IUP student involvement is not just limited to the university’s Fashion department, either.   Undergraduate students from the Art department will also have pieces featured in the show, such as the sculptural pieces of professor Steven Loar’s Three Dimensional Design course.

Additionally, community members have donated unique fashion accessories, baskets for auction, and volunteered their time and energy to get the word out about Trashion. To see what kind of work the volunteers are doing for Trashion, please take a look at our gallery of photos or read Under the Canopy, our article on the contributions of Steven Loar’s art students.

What’s Happening Now?

Approximately 30 designers from the IUP Fashion Association, the IUP  3D Design Class, and the Indiana community have registered to be a part of the Trashion show, along with many other models, scenic designers, marketing and administrative volunteers.

Donations for the VIP pre-show event such as baskets for auction, gift certificates for raffle, and financial contributions should be directed to Stephenie at

VIP Tickets are available for purchase both online and at the door. Tables for 8 are limited, so reserve yours today! Student rush tickets will be available 6pm at the door when The Catwalk lights up.

Trashion provides an opportunity for artists to showcase their talents and innovative work to their community while also raising support for the IAC and the arts in Indiana County.  This event is more than just a fundraiser; it is the result of the collaboration between several arts-focused groups who share a similar passion and appreciation of art, in all its various forms. See you on The Catwalk!

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