2012 Youth Arts Celebration: Dance

As the size and scope of the Youth Arts Celebration continues to expand each year, the range of art genres present in the festival grows as well.  More and more students studying different creative disciplines have the opportunity to present their work to a public audience from around the county.

Student works and performances from several different genres will be presented at this year’s event, including dance.  This year’s Youth Arts Celebration will feature dance performances by students of Sue Hewitt’s Dance Studio, and Sharon’s School of Dance and Gymnastics.  Both of these studios are located in Indiana County and offer dance lessons to students of varying ages and experience levels.

Sharon Antelis, the founder of Sharon’s School of Dance, participated in last year’s arts festival.  Approximately 40 of her students performed on May 5th and 6th in 2011, executing 10 different dance pieces for a public audience.  They featured numbers from their Showtime performance series as well, which were happening a few weeks after the Youth Arts Celebration.  Sharon hopes to feature dances from this year’s Showtimes at the festival as well.

Sharon says that those who attend the Youth Arts Celebration this year will be able to see a wide variety of different dance styles presented by Sharon’s School of Dance, including jazz and hip-hop.  Even though the performances are still early in the planning stages, she hopes that the Youth Arts Celebration will help people attain an appreciation for what children can do when they create art.

If you would like to join Sharon, Sue Hewitt, and many other arts instructors from around the county to participate in this year’s Youth Arts Celebration, please click here.  We are now accepting registrations for instructors in music, writing, and visual arts!  Youth Arts Celebration will take place from May 1st-May 6th, 2012, at multiple locations throughout the county.  Keep checking the Indiana Arts Council blog for more details and information!


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