Harmony in the Community: Music Recitals at the Youth Arts Celebration

YAC 2008

Jane Potter Baumer, a voice teacher who instructs at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and in her private home studio, first helped organize a student music recital for the Indiana Arts Council Youth Arts Celebration in the year 2010.  This year she  with an even greater number of students and a wider range of vocal and instrumental pieces registered to perform.

Music performances for the Youth Arts Celebration will take place at the Indiana Area Junior High School this year.  Jane hopes that the venue change will make the music performances more accessible for audience members and family, and that it will help engender a stronger connection between the Youth Arts Celebration and members of the community.

YAC 2010 Music Recitals in the Mall

For Jane and other art educators, the Youth Arts Celebration presents an important opportunity for their students to showcase their work, and also to remind members of the community about the many roles that art plays in our lives.  Art, according to Jane, has the ability to change lives in a positive and meaningful way.  She believes that music in particular can help people connect with one another by giving them an opportunity to collectively share the emotions and thoughts that are generated during a performance.  These connections are made between audience members, and also between performers and their patrons.  Being able to create something that has meaning for others is one of the most important and beautiful qualities of music that Jane Baumer admires, a quality that she hopes will be further realized during the Indiana Art Council 2012 Youth Arts Celebration this year.

Free and Open to the Public

Jane anticipates that the number and range of music performances at the festival will continue to grow in following years, along with the rest of this county-wide art celebration.  She hopes that the Youth Arts Celebration will generate greater support for the arts in the area, enabling creative educators and artists such as herself to make the arts more accessible to families all around.

Students from schools within and around Indiana school district will be appearing in this year’s recitals, including a combined choir performance by the Horace Mann and Ben Franklin choirs lead by Ellen Werner, and the Baumer Studio Treble Choir, instructed by Jane Baumer herself.

Events start May 1st the the Indiana Mall and run through May 6th in multiple venues. Check our webpage for a compete schedule. We look forward to seeing everybody at the 2012 Youth Arts Celebration!


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