Check out our new Wishlist to bring modern technology to the Indiana Arts Council office!


If you are looking to make a valuable donation that is concrete and tangible, please consider these gifts! We work hard to research good deals and ways for your donations to have years of impact on IAC and the Indiana community.  This page will be updates as our priority needs are met.  Thank you for your support.


If your arts organization would like to post a wishlist on IAC’s website, please contact Sarah at volunteer.indianaartscouncil@gmail.com.

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TIP: Free video and audio conferencing service recomendation: freeconferencecall.com. If using Zoom, and your free 40 mins runs out, tell people in advace to use the same link to get back in, and wait patiently. You as the Host click Leave then End Meeting For All. Then go back into your meeting and reopen it, and let everyone back in. You can do this repeatedly for many 40 min sessions. I am currently on a family leave of absense and have taken down my website temporarily. I am not accepting new clients or projects at this time, but feel free to email me new opportunities if you would like to connect. Thanks! About me: Gsuite administrator available for nonprofit and small business consulting, graphic design, social media, website and technical support. Setup, support and training is available for online meetings, event recording, and broadcasting, in addition to your other IT needs.

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