Showing What Art Can Do at Youth Arts Celebration: Visual Art

Indiana County, PA: The 2012 Youth Arts Celebration will begin on Tuesday, May 1st with the opening of the visual arts exhibit at the Indiana Mall. The exhibit will feature work by Trish Dodson’s students from around Indiana County, among hundreds of other pieces made by countless other students of varying ages.

Youth Arts Celebration 2012 is Headed Your Way!

Indiana, PA 2012: The Indiana Arts Council’s 5th annual Youth Arts Celebration event planing is well underway! This year’s event on May 1st-6th will take place at a number of different venues throughout the area, such as the Indiana Mall, Zion Lutheran Church, Indiana Junior High School, and others.

So…What is Trashion?

March 30th: INDIANA, PA
The 2012 IAC Trashion Show: Couture Garbáge is less than two weeks away, and final arrangements are being made by all involved groups and individuals to make this unique fundraising event possible. With March 30th fast approaching, we would like to take some time to reflect on what Trashion is about, and acknowledge the contributions of those who have put their time and energy into planning, designing, and recruiting for this exciting occasion for the last few months.

Trashion Designers’ Creative Visions are Starting to Take Shape

Armed with tissue paper, plastic, and just about any other post-consumer waste product they can get their hands on, the designers for the 2012 IAC Trashion Show: Couture Garbáge are working hard to bring their stylish and innovative ideas for the fashion show to life! Indiana, PA 15701